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aXessPoint is the simple, fast and reliable communications, control and analysis platform developed with property managers in mind. Whether you have one building with 50 doors or 1,000 buildings with 100,000 doors, aXessPoint helps you more efficiently manage the important and often time-consuming customer service interactions, including scheduling of amenities, maintenance and management aspects of your properties.

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aXessPoint is a technology company dedicated to the business of managing properties, facilities and enterprises with tools to improve efficiency, performance and processes, while providing key stakeholders with information and reporting to make strategic decisions


Here is what some of our clients are saying about the aXessPoint Smartphone App
  • The aXessPoint team is super attentive, and they just stop by or e-mail periodically to check on things. Good stuff!
    Jesse Johnasen - Ops Mgr.
    One Archer Lane
  • Delivering timely information to the residents and owners of the Imperial Plaza is a high priority for me. Today, almost everyone has access to a smartphone and the best way to contact people is through their phone. The aXessPoint App, which was personalized for our property, allows me to provide instant updates regarding emergency situations and post general information such as meeting announcements or House Rule reminders. It also allows me to receive feedback from my residents quicker so that I am able to respond promptly. The app is easy to use and has become vital tool in our day-to-day operations.
    Roy Bumgerner - G.M.
    Imperial Plaza
  • Since we started using aXessPoint, our level of communication has greatly improved, and the support has been tremendous. Thank you and keep up the good work!
    Robert Allman - G.M.
    One Archer Lane